It's the 2nd anniversary of the passing of Wild Dave Whiting. Pics, Short videos and more. In doing so, we are honoring Scott Truax and Eddie Braun! Happy 68th Birthday Jim "The Flying Irishman" McDermott! Majors, short, Hanningfield Horse Show, Essex, England. January 1, 2021 Happy Birthday Bob Duffey! July 1, 2013 This month's featured jumper is Bubba Blackwell. in his rear rim, pushing it into the hub. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. The 9th anniversary of the passing of Ken Mackow. Eighteen months later, police found her partially mummified body in a trunk in Einhorn's closet. launch ramp broke, jump-off with Gary Wells. Cyclejumper Donny Winn passed away today. Looking forward to jumping again. Today is the 5th anniversary of the passing of Ken Mackow. This is for get-offs that are planned in advance. This month's featured jumper is JoseCanuc. Del Mar, California, Flying Mike The plan was to use the rocket motor to get the forward motion to launch the cycle off the ramp and the Gyro blade would give him and the bike lift to help extended the length of the jump. several times in the 1970s, though he seems forgotten to most nowadays. So starting off for September, Jumpin Jeff Schneider jumps again on CycleJumpers! Good news! But theres something about certain plain people who ride in the shadow of Richmond Hill, overlooking Oakland Bay. Trashed his shoulder. 2. CRASH. MOST February 1, 2012 This month's featured jumper is the one and only Super Joe Einhorn. vertebrae. December 1, 2011 December's featured jumper is Gene Sullivan! [10] He has described his company as a service that "combines the best features of Pinterest with the traditional Amazon experience," creating an image-centric e-commerce platform where users set the trends by posting items they 'fancy. 4th fans which had protective frames around the rotors, then did a piledriver The CD is now available at, "Hell Drivers: America's Original Crash Test Dummies". his entire rear wheel hooked the protective apron, which left a pie-shaped dent Longtime Evel Knievel and daredevil fan passed away to day. His bike went into an insane dance, flipping no Help Eddie Braun and Scott Truax. September 5, 2012 Italy's Massimo Trinchero jumps again on CycleJumpers! The back of the toy's box illustrated "Wild Rider Action! Never forget. June 9, 2012 Australia's Lawrence Legend stopped by Cycle Jumpers to check out this month's featured jumper. May 18, 2012 Happy Birthday Henry Rife! You might call this his first professional performance, as a. At San Jose, the learning process was accidental. Back in the seventies, I had a friend by the name of Super Joe Einhorn. Today is the 6th anniversary of Evel Knievel's passing. He made his public debut when he could jump 10 cars. RIP Mike. Joe Einhorn. My deep condolences goes out to Lawrence, his hero and father passed away last Sunday night. Profuse bleeding. Currently, he is claiming to have out-Eviled Evel Kneivel with a spectacular 144-ft. ramp-to-ramp leap at San Joses Race of Champions last fall. "Super Joe" Einhorn was a poor man's Evel Knievel in the 1970's. In 1974 he jumped 15 buses to set a "world record." He showed his daredevil side during the Superstars when he cut off Jerry Quarry in the bike race. Wells, missed landing ramp to the side, Caesars Palace, LV, NV, September 1, 1980. ", But don't get the impression she was a complete nut: "I love cooking and sewing. John Holland, September 27, 2012 Nik Soar jumps again on CycleJumpers! Michael Hillaby, 9 cars end to end, Nafferton, England. "Defying Gravity, The Dale Buggins Story" by Damian Kringas. January 1, 2021 This month's featured jumper is Canada's Walter Williams. With her blue-and-white helmet, lucky orange bra, and pink hearts sewn all over her snug, baby-blue leathers, "The Flying Angel" was often asked why such a pretty girl would perform dangerous stunts. Today is the 9th anniversary of Evel Knievel's passing. "All I can say is, I never wear a bra," she said, except one: "I won't jump without my lucky bra. Mathee, 10 truck jump, landing on 4th truck. Today is the one year anniversary of the passing of Ken Mackow. July 6, 2013 Today is Big Ed Beckley's birthday! Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! Super Joe had a majormotorcycle accident while performing and suffer serious injuries so he had to retire before the Niagara Falls jump. This month's featured jumper is. This month's featured jumper is Heir to the Dare jumper. Current record holders: [4][21], In September 2013 Einhorn secured an investment round of $7 million for Fancy from, among others, Richard C. Perry, owner of Barneys New York, and his son David Perry. Granted, a small percentage of motorcycle jumpers are women, but that by no means diminishes Debbie's accomplishments. June 1, 2012 This month's featured jumper is Australia's Lawrence Legend! Today is's 19th anniversary! Happy Birthday Matt "The Kangaroo Kid" Coulter! In 1971 Bob traveled more than 50,000 miles, put on 64 performances and earned $80,000. The daughter of motorcycle racing champ Ben Lawler, Debbie took her first ride on the handlebars of her dad's bike at age nine. Tonight's the big night. depression in a nose dive and crossed up, swap to highside, head shot, broke two long, 18 foot tall dirt landing ramp. Super Joe. Help Ian Jamieson perform another world record stunt by being catapulted off his bike over the blades of a helicopter. The same emotions are in play when Super Joe jumps, but Joe is young (24) and a Capricorn (not noted for oratory), so he has not yet developed a spiel to tap these emotions. A big happy birthday to cycle jumper, Gene Sullivan who turns 68 today! This month's featured jumper is Canada's Chuck Kemp. Joseph Einhorn is an entrepreneur and businessperson who is best known as the founder and CEO of the company Fancy, a social e-commerce platform. TIME May 27, 2013 Happy 68th Birthday Jim "The Flying Irishman" McDermott! Ted celebrated his 70th birthday last week! She later became a high school cheerleader and even a professional model, but found those pursuits boring compared to motorcycle racing. July 28, 2012 Happy Birthday Danny Reed! Congratulations to Bubba Blackwell for a new Harley record. Still, there's no doubt that Debbie Lawler has been an inspiration to the female motorcycle jumpers who've followed in her skidmarks, most notably Rena Hart, Teri Kezar, Janet Lee, Debbie Evans, Linda Beckley, Fiona Beale and Jamie Pamatuan. April 1 to June 30, or July 1 to September 30, or October 1 to December 31. shortest ramp gap wins here. RIP Ken. short and sucks ramp or obstacle. It was 22 years ago today Cyclejumpers went online. in Oklahoma. It was 23 years ago today Cyclejumpers went online. Pepper Porter in Nashville, TN, November 17, landed, Fancy takes a commission fee from each sale. was winged without warning they didn't get the chance to block any traffic. "A Strange Twist of Fate" is the autobiography of Chris Bromham world class motorcycle stunt rider and world record holder. He never quite got out of the shadow of Evel Knievel. Evel Knievel and Debbie Lawler will be featured on this History Channel program. BEST A memorial cruise will take place March 11th at 9 AM at the Walmart on Valley Drive in Las Cruces. 10, 1996. crashing ability can win this award. bodily damage to themselves during a crash. July 9, 2013 celebrates 14 years today! Today is the anniversary of the birth of Donny Winn. Bubba This is for the rider who goes over the bars. Police were there to block traffic, but since the jump Super Joe, still a stripling, is on to Evels game. This jump occurred in a silty grass field on July 22 at Buffalo Run Casino in December 13, 2012 Happy Birthday Debbie "The Flying Angel" Lawler! I will be more consistent this year with new updates and features. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. The most sickening, most gnarly, horrible crash. They sent me a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle still in the crate to use. Metzger, overjumped flip on 100' ramp gap barge to barge near Queen Mary ocean Knievel is the king of jumpers, right? November 12, 2012 Happy Birthday Johnny "Wonder" Fogwell! Somehow I felt the bike wasnt getting up to speed fast enough. The CD is now available at or you can download it from iTunes. That style is: I amgoingtosaveyoass, or I am going to jump the Grand Canyon. Super Joes claim is not yet even a claim, because hes researching its feasibility first. He was a great jumper and he will be missed. the quad rider parked on Pepper Porter's landing ramp, expecting to get out of Happy 47th Anniversary of the Ceasars Palace jump! It's leap day! Luckily, he didn't get run over. WORST FLATLANDER. 2, and vice versa! He successfully jumped 10 Semi-Trucks this afternoon. The oldest artifacts on display in this exhibition include the seriously cool "Globe of Death" from . May 6, 2013 Happy Birthday Louis "Rocket" Re! Rest in peace Bob. We are now on Instagram. You know that you will not be around for either the Second Coming or Evels Last Jump. Evel RIP Jess Dickerson. All I had was a single-carb TR-6 and it wasnt that fresh. It is delivery, poise, vectored emotion, demagoguery and violence rolled up into one. Meanwhile, while Evel was avoiding The Last Brink, the publicity from such an obviously ridiculous claim was so profitable to him that he was able to buy a piece of the Snake River and switch his venue. DUMBEST In fact, "The Queen of the Motorcycle Jumpers" once broke one of Evel Knievel's inter-gender jumping records. This month's featured jumper is. Big injuries. Robin Winter-Smith, short, 30 Rolls Royce jump, Elstree, England, July 8, 1979. At this point he had about $3000 invested in jumping ramps and transport. July 24, 2013 Happy Birthday John "Mercury" Morgan! May 27, 2012 Happy 67th Birthday Jim "The Flying Irishman" McDermott! 2020 marks the 21st year of Cyclejumpers! apron, endo. ", eight positions that Debbie could be mounted on the cycle. Lawrence Legend's XR 750's are now in his possession. 7. I have some boyfriends, of course. Surprised everyone with an unannounced This month's featured jumper is Jumping John Maley! Also the autographs section has been updated with new signatures from Super Joe Einhorn, Louis "Rocket" Re and Ken Mackow. Today marks the 41st anniversary of Gary Well's jump at Ceasars Palace. Linkogle, December 9, hit in head with helicopter Brown, short on 151' ramp gap, Twin Falls, Idaho, July, 1999. pre-planned. Travis Pastrana successfully jumped 52 stacked cars, 16 Greyhoud buses, and the fountains of Caesars Palace tonight! The movie won the Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature. 1 plate. Today is the 14th anniversary of Evel Knievel's passing. "Well, I've had trouble as far as dating goes. 4. Thanks Risky for the info. Eddie made the jump and the parachute worked. February 18, 2012 Ken Mackow passed away. Some are subjective. Be a part of history. ", Television could sometimes be a distraction. A Big Happy Birthday to the oldest active Cycle Jumper, Gene Sullivan who turns 66 today! protective apron, head impacted ground, July 1998. e. CRASH OF THE CENTURY. Today is the second anniversary of Dick "Red Devil" Stone's passing. [14] Loot was featured on the Today Show in January 2020. Spectator bones do not count in [15], The name of the store comes from the idea that kids can earn 'loot' for buying, borrowing, or making and selling their own comics. armoni brooks wingspan,
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